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Hello everyone,

I'm a new Spanish learner and I'm looking for some easy Spanish books or novels to practice my reading. My vocabulary is about 200+ words.

Thanks in advance.


  • Posted Sep 28, 2011
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  • New year, new challenge: Read your first novel in Spanish. An intermediate level reading with translations of difficult words in English. An adventure story for learners of any age. http://www.galleonpress.com/graded-novels.html - tmmagro Dec 25, 2012 flag

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Why dont you use this , these stories have listening part also . you can read stories and listen to them .

link text

after downloading you should use flash player . The password is :


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I'd suggest you start with children stories, they're amazing and help you build up you vocabulary really fast.




  • excellent links . Thanx a lot. These were the links I was searching for. - SundeepSingh Aug 21, 2014 flag
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Project Gutenberg has lots of novels in lots of languages.

Here's their Spanish site address: Browse by Language: Spanish

I don't know how to determine which are "easy", but there are a lot, and it costs nothing.

Edit: I started looking at one that seemed promising

José, by Armando Palacio Valdés

As stated in the forward, this edition is specifically made for Spanish learners. The HTML version can be read online easily and it has hyperlinked footnotes, so you can read about context, idioms, and the translations of difficult words. I like it, so far.

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For a start, if your vocabulary is still limited, you may benefit from reading Cuentos para niños, rather than novels.

It helped me a lot.

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Whenever I go to a Spanish speaking country, I buy some kids books to read (I have Heidi and Buffalo Bill). If your library has a Spanish language section, you'll probably find some books or magazines to look through there.

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Go Here:

link text

and you will find Aesops fables in Spanish.

Very easy reading for beginners.

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Well, Ntxcyz,

I would suggest reading short stories first if your vocabulary is limited to 200 words.

I believe most of the H.P. lovecraft short stories are old enough for copyright to be lifted.

If you can find it the "Hardy Boys" are very short novels that are relatively simple. I know that I've Spoken to people who were learning or did learn English and they read the Hardy Boys because the books were short and easy to read.

  • I'm reading Alfred Hitchcock y los tres inverstigadores for that reason. e-books 43 volumes (around 100 pages ea) in Word format for free. Just google them if you are interested. I've read just over a dozen of them and my vocabulary is improving. - 0074b507 Sep 29, 2011 flag
  • Shoot, I read all of the Hardy Boy Mysteries, SuperMysteries and Hardy Boy Casefiles in English. I never saw them in Spanish. I have read a few Nancy Drew books in Spanish. - 0074b507 Sep 29, 2011 flag
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Hay una serie " Lecturas faciles" Esta edición ha sido resumida para hacerla de fácil lectura a los estudiantes de español. Los textos son simplificados.

There is a series of books " Easy readers" . The edition is made to give an easy reading for the learners of spanish . The exts are simplified.

There is a list of editors as follows: Easy readers Dinamarca

Ernst Klett Sparachen Alemania Arcobaleno España Liber Suecia EMC Corp EE.UU.

Heinemann Australia European Schoolbooks Publishing Ltd Inglaterra Wydawnictwo Lektorklett Polonia etc.

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Try some modern plays for the theater. They have exclusively dialogs so they are easy to understand. You can search in the Internet "Obras de teatro"

I found this one in the Internet

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Cervantes institute has a load of free readers online: http://cvc.cervantes.es/aula/lecturas/inicial/

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Try the Harry Potter books (read with a dictionary at hand)...they're fun.

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  • Hi Mariana ! I have to comment that I find the translated things like Harry potter more difficult than the authors in Spanish. - pacofinkler Sep 28, 2011 flag
  • Maybe the first Harry Potter book? What get's most beginners on novels is the incredible lengths of the books I think. - Fredbong Sep 29, 2011 flag
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I've been looking for the same thing, both online and in the stores with no success :-(

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful answers. I'll check them out one at as time soon. Have a good day.

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I strongly suggest you try some of the stuff by Paco Ardit. His e-books are reeeeeally easy smile I've already read a few and they helped me a lot. Give'em a try wink

So far he's written 5 e-books. You can get them on Amazon (Kindle) for pennies:

  1. Ana, estudiante
  2. Fútbol en Madrid**
  3. Muerte en Buenos Aires**
  4. Los novios
  5. Tango milonga**

**These are good!!

Enjoy! smile

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I would recommend to read Mi Nombre es Sara G y Sobreviví de Mariana Ferrer Any book you read try no to make perfect sense, just enjoy them, aim to understand the meaning first, Most people make the mistake of trying to make everything perfect, instead of practicing. Take imperfect action. Practice now, be perfect later.

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