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Las personas que trabajan informalmente, como los plomeros, los electricistas y los carpinteros que no trabajan para una empresa, sino que salen a buzcar sus propias "chiripas" son llamados "chiriperos".

Quiero saber como se dice "chiripa" y "chiripero" en Ingles.

  • Posted Sep 26, 2011
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Hmmm! interesting. In Mexico "chiripa" means "by sheer chance". But this is a very colloquilal term.

Example: "Salí tarde al aeropuerto,y alcancé al avion de pura chiripa".

Translation: I left late for the airport and just by pure luck I made my flight.

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You may say "temporary job" or "part time job".

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Hola, y bienvenido al foro.

Self-employed (carpenter, plumber, electrician) is comun y corriente. No puedo pensar en jerga por esto pero si puedo, lo añadiré mas tarde.

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Thank you jlexen, "temporary job" sounds good.

  • A contract worker is sometimes used for short term jemployees. - 0074b507 Sep 26, 2011 flag
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If it's someone who just works odd jobs at different places everyday, they might be referred to as "day labourers."

jornalero = day labourer

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A temporary job would be the most usual description, but if it involves a variety of different things you can say you're odd-jobbing. Part-time work, on the other hand, normally implies a regular job at which you only work part of the day or night.

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What confuses me is the fact that Plumbers and electricians are a liscensed profession, hardly what you would call temp workers. The same goes for qualified carpenters and Plasterers (Yeseros) in certain regions. I don't consider myself a part time or temporary worker, I am a skilled craftsman, so what is the question really asking?

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