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I heard that a friend gave birth yesterday and was thinking what a miracle it is to conceive, grow, and give birth to a human being.

Whether it be God, the Universe, free-flowing energy, or whatever source....most people cannot deny that miracles do indeed exist. (If you do deny their existence, then free free to skip this post. Thanks.)

In this thread, please post your photos and/or stories of what you consider a miracle, e.g., a pretty flower, a sinking ship that was saved, a bird in flight, etc.

Feel free to post as many times and as many photos as you wish.

I call my example

"The Miracle of Life"(El Milagro de la Vida)

(click here to see the uncensored original -- warning: contains nudity)

alt text

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I watched her for weeks, and then one Sunday morning in May, there she was and I was her personal photographer.

alt text

  • Well done, impressive photo. - tc84 Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Beautiful photo Joe. :) - Jason7R Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Awwwwww....so great..thanks for sharing. - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • The photo is masterfully taken. But that is just the beginning. The layers of symbolism and sheer breathtaking beauty make it as unforgettable as anything I have seen in a museum. You gave me another miracle today when I saved a copy to my hard drive. - territurtle Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Una composicion hermosa...a beautiful composition. - SusanaEspana Sep 24, 2011 flag
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They say that scientists can't explain how bees fly and that engineers have proven, according to the laws of aerodynamics, that bees can't fly. Yet, here they are:

alt text

  • Nice! - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • I don't want to rain on the parade, really I don't, but this isn't true, it is a myth. They *do* know how bees fly. - Fredbong Sep 23, 2011 flag
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alt text

  • I can't find the study but there were some people recently who claimed it might be possible that caterpillars and butterflies are two separate species who living inside each other during different phases of their lives. - rabbitwho Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • The idea is that the caterpillar is born with the seed or larva of the butterfly inside of him and when he dies the butterfly feeds on him and off she goes. It's amazing we actually know so little about insects that no one can prove or disprove this! - rabbitwho Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Wow...that's really interesting! - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Interesting . A new theory? - porcupine7 Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Thank you Rabbit - ianta Sep 23, 2011 flag
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My Miracle is a grandson excaim

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I witnessed a miracle last weekend in Berlin.........my mate got a round of beers in wink

alt text

  • That I S a miracle...nice going! - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • And then what happened? - ianta Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Ianta.......the beer just kept flowing :) Mind you, I have been ill ever since I returned so perhaps it wasn't too good an idea lol - billygoat Sep 23, 2011 flag
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No hay medicina que cure lo que no cura la felicidad. There´s no medicine that cures what happiness doesn´t.

-Gabriel García Márquez

alt text

and I would add "humor."

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La naturaleza es un milagro.

alt text

  • Belize's "blue hole" - wonderful. - pesta Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • You mean, naturaleza - pesta Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • I didn't, but I do now. Now that you taught me. - LaloLoco Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Oh, wow..gorgeous! - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
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El ojo:

The human eye is enormously complicated - a perfect and interrelated system of about 40 individual subsystems, including the retina, pupil, iris, cornea, lens and optic nerve. For instance, the retina has approximately 137 million special cells that respond to light and send messages to the brain. About 130 million of these cells look like rods and handle the black and white vision. The other seven million are cone shaped and allow us to see in color. The retina cells receive light impressions, which are translated to electric pulses and sent to the brain via the optic nerve. A special section of the brain called the visual cortex interprets the pulses to color, contrast, depth, etc., which allows us to see "pictures" of our world. Incredibly, the eye, optic nerve and visual cortex are totally separate and distinct subsystems. Yet, together, they capture, deliver and interpret up to 1.5 million pulse messages a milli-second! It would take dozens of Cray supercomputers programmed perfectly and operating together flawlessly to even get close to performing this task.

alt text

Here is a link to a short article on a similar theme from the UK Daily Mail:

human eye

  • I'm always in awe of how the body works. - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Me too, the eye in particular is amazing in it's complexity. - amykay Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • If only *my* eyes worked so well, hehe. - Fredbong Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • I am legally blind, but even the minuscule portion left to me utterly fills my world. :) - territurtle Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • wow terri, I didn't know... - amykay Sep 23, 2011 flag
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The miracle that a robot on Mars, designed for a 90-day mission, is still working today, more than seven years later.

alt text

Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in January, 2004.

  • Wish our cars were that reliable. - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Just have N A S A build your next car on government funds. :) - pesta Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Isn't that so unbelievably fantastic!! - territurtle Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • While this is awesome, I hope you keep in mind that the reason it has lasted so long is because of the diligent efforts of the drivers. Please give them the credit they deserve. - Fredbong Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Spot on, Fredbong!! It's an amazing story of tenacity and sheer brilliance. - territurtle Sep 24, 2011 flag
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¿Creen en milagros? Por su puesto....
alt text


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When I was a kid my history teacher asked the class if any of us had seen a miracle. I didn't raise my hand because I didn't know what kind of miracle she was looking for. Then she said, afterward, that she had a friend who is a paramedic/birthing doctor because she thought babies were miracles.

Well if I knew that qualified I would have raised my hand too.

This is my miracle. Computing. I greatly appreciate the works of Alan Turing, George Boole, Lady Lovelace, and all the other people whom have given rise to modern computing. alt text

  • Good one...it's a miracle every time I use Skype and talk to people all over the world. - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • Since I remember the days of vacuum tubes, and have come to see the day when people have more computing power in their cell phones, than the entire aggregate which put a man on the moon, your miracle completely overwhelms me. - territurtle Sep 23, 2011 flag
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Cada lunes es mi trabajo a recoger mi nieto Marshall del jardín de infancía. ¿Y el milago? El sentimiento de la mano de Marshall en el mío cuando caminamos a casa.

Every Monday it's my job to pick up my grandson Marshall from kindergarten. And the miracle? The feeling of Marshall's hand in mine when we walk home.

alt text

  • Perfecto, amiga! - --Mariana-- Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • I was about to change "caminamos" to "caminemos" - no? - nonombre Sep 23, 2011 flag
  • My heart full of joy goes out to you. I will be unable to have this boundless elation, but knowing you have it is enough. - territurtle Sep 23, 2011 flag
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I took this picture of a beautiful sunset out of an airplane window.


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To me, it's a miracle that bald eagles came back from near extinction. alt text Yeah, I'm talking to you.

  • Sorry about the double posting. I thought that the first photo didn't load. I don't know how to delete an entry. - JoyceM Sep 24, 2011 flag
  • Great photos!! - --Mariana-- Sep 24, 2011 flag
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