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How do you say "i like you" and "you like me" ..because yo te gusto sounds like i like you and tu me gustas also sounds as i like you

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me gustas = you are pleasing to me, I like you.

te gusto = I am pleasing to you, you like me.

I know it seems backwards, but that's how it works!

  • Thanks! i got confused because i know Te Quiero is I love you so i figured with the word "like" it would be the same.... so its not ? so you dont like me would be "no te gusto" ok i get it! and i like you would be Tu me gustas ? - rosa66 Sep 20, 2011 flag
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I like you:

Te quiero Te amo Te adoro

You like me:

Me quieres Me amas Me adoras


  • Te gusto = you like me (you are pleasing to me) te quiero can be used for strong liking or love te amo = I love you te adoro = I adore you - FELIZ77 Sep 20, 2011 flag
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