buenos dias, mi pregunta es que significado tiene esta palabra "ad hoc", muchas gracias. saludos | SpanishDict Answers
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hola que tal, quisiera saber la definición de las palabras que van siempre juntas AD HOC????

  • Posted Sep 20, 2011
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  • That isn't spanish, that's latin! :-) - carlomp Sep 20, 2011 flag

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con fines específicos - for a specific purpose

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"Ad hoc" is a term of Latin origin that generally means "for the purpose". You can see what Wikipedia has to say about the term
----> In English - Ad hoc", or
----> Aqui en español Ad hoc

  • Ah ha... you beat me to it... you even put both the English and Spanish links... nice! :-) - danrivera Sep 20, 2011 flag
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Visite este enlace: Ad hoc

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