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some of my Colombian friends says paisa to describe albums with pictures and some say is like slang in certain parts of Colombia, does anyone know of this ?

  • Posted Sep 16, 2011
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3 Answers

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This might interest you.

alt text

English version

The name of Paisa derives from the Spanish apocope of Paisano (one from the same country),


some say its a term used mainly in medellin


se le asigna a todos los habitantes nacidos en el departamento de Antioquia; caracterizados principalmente por ser la zona que mas le ha aportado al desarrollo económico de Colombia por medio del cultivo del café y el sector industrial principalmente en Medellín).

The albums may contain pictures from those particular regions of Colombia or they may have to do with coffee growing.

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Perhaps they're referring to paisanos in the the album? smile

Paisano = countryman

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thanks guys , you helped alot and i will ask her to be certain , some say its a term used mainly in medellin

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