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Which ones are correct and why?

  • Posted Sep 16, 2011
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4 Answers

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jugar a ...deporte (why is the sky blue?)

Why is it jugar al poker/jugar al parchis/jugar al pool, but jugar ajadrez? Some things you just have to accept as that's just how it is done.

escuchar=to listen to (no need for an additional "a") oops I misread your question. eschuchar música unless you are referring to specific (the) music.

  • escuchar la musica pop ? is it correct? - mlben Sep 16, 2011 flag
  • we prefer Escuchar musica pop - Neox Sep 16, 2011 flag
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Is "Jugar al.." always.

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I'm not really sure about why sometimes we say "Jugar fútbol" and other times we say "Jugar al fútbol." Most people would give both as valid sentences.

"Jugar al fútbol" and "Jugar al fútbol." "Jugar al parchís" and "Jugar parchís." "Jugar ajedrez" and "Jugar al ajedrez."

They all sound correct to me.

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jugar ajadrez

People say juega al ajedrez around here. . .

  • I saw it without the "a" on several chess sites. Who knows? The internet isn't too reliable when it comes to proper grammar. - 0074b507 Sep 16, 2011 flag
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