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I have heard and read so many different things and opinions on the answer to this, so I was wondering if there is a STRAIGHT answer on this... Come on experts! I know you can help me! :~D

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A Mexican is someone who is a citizen of Mexico, or was born in Mexico but has been granted citizenship elsewhere.

In the U.S., the country I live in, Latino and Hispanic are used interchangeably by lay-people. What the words "actually" mean vary depending upon who you are talking to. In fact, when doing a survey of "Hispanics" the U.S. defined Hispanic as "anyone who claims to be Hispanic" with the addendum that "anyone who claims not to be Hispanic can not be labelled as Hispanic."

Latino is easier to define than Hispanic, even though some people consider all Latinos to be Hispanic. Latino is anyone who is from or can trace their ancestry to a Latin country. Google "Latin America" to find out which countries these are.

Chicano seems to be a word for second generation Mexican Americans. Meaning that they are the first in-state (or if you prefer, in country) born person in their family. Their parents were Mexicans, however at the time of birth the mother was in America, therefor the child is considered to be an American.

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Hispanic's are not necessarily American Citizens. In fact, Hispania was what the Romans called the iberian peninsula. Now it is generally used to refer to those who's origins are in those lands that share the languages of the iberian peninsula, Spanish, Progugese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, etc.

  • While the argument is good, I very much doubt that most people have a Portugues-speaking person in mind when they think "Hispanic". To me, as a reptile of the Latino, Hispanic, Latin American, with a touch of a few other spices to boot, "Hispanic" ... - Gekkosan Sep 15, 2011 flag
  • ...always makes me think of "Spanish language". - Gekkosan Sep 15, 2011 flag
  • Meant "Portuguese" above - sorry for the typo. - Gekkosan Sep 15, 2011 flag
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Hispanics definitely include non U.S. citizens.

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My friend who is Mexican, considers herself Mexican because she was born in Mexico. However her sisters were born after her family migrated to the US, so she considers them Hispanic of Mexican descent, because they were born to the United States. I would equate being Hispanic as to that of being European. You could be from any number of Countries (Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Paraguay, etc) and still be of Hispanic descent. If you are from Latin America you are Latino/a. As for Chicano/a I believe that is like Hispanic but only of Mexican descent as opposed to Latin American descent. Born US but of Mexican descent. So a Chicano/a would be Hispanic, a Latino/a, and might consider themselves to be Mexican... But i'm just a gringo so take it in stride...

  • Let me clarify my explaination on Latino/a, I said from Latin America, I meant descendent of... - keithiopian Sep 14, 2011 flag
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The most "straight" answer is that "Mexican" and "Chicano" both refer to a specific nationality - people who either are citizens of Mexico (Mexicans), or their descendents living in the US (Chicanos).

Latinos and Hispanics are broader terms more open to various interpretations.

It may be of interest that technically, someone can be Mexican but not Latino or Hispanic. Say a Norwegian that decided to move to Mexico and obtain the nationality, or even a pure-blood Aztec or Mayan person who speaks no Spanish.

  • As a gringo living in Mexico, I have become in the view of my friends an " honorary mexican" - pacofinkler Sep 15, 2011 flag
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Mexican is a person (not a race) that is a citizen of Mexico. Mexican are usually Mayan, Aztec, or another Indian tribe. Some are mixed with Spanish or French. Hispanic is an American Citizen that is of Spanish American or Portugese American decent. Chicano is used in reference to U.S Citizen of Mexican Decent. Latino is an American with orgins in the Hispanic countries of Latin America. Some examples are Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Colombian Americans, Dominican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Spanish Americans, and Salvadoran Americans.

  • Okay, if hispanic means an American Citizen of Spanish American or Portugese descent, how can there be Hispanic countries of Latin America? - ocbizlaw Sep 14, 2011 flag
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Here´s what I heard on the subject Latino anyone born in country whose language derives from Latin. Hispanic those who were born in Spanish speaking in particular.

  • Im from spain, who i am? hispanic? - Neox Sep 15, 2011 flag
  • You´d be both actually according to the definition, but ethnic labels can be limiting - BellaMargari Sep 15, 2011 flag
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good answer people

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Latino anyone born in country whose language derives from Latin

And, therefor, also encompasses Italy, France, Portugal and Romania. (despite the U.S. Census Bureau).

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chicanos son hijos del mexicnao. mexicnanos nacieron en mexico mientras los latinos son de varias partes del mundo hispano

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