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How do you say excuse me in spanish? like when trying to pass through people

  • Posted Sep 13, 2011
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7 Answers

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You say "permiso, por favor", or "con permiso".

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Familiar-discúlpame, perdóname

Formal-discúlpeme, perdóneme

When leaving a conversation with an individual, it is proper to say, "permiso" or "con permiso"

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l'd say: ¡Perdóneme!

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Compare miso.

  • What? I guess you mean "con permiso". :) - 00e657d4 Sep 13, 2011 flag
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I think you can saydispenseme also, but I'm not sure of the context when you would use it

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There are different ways of saying "Excuse me" for different situations.

I've heard that "Con permiso" is good when you're trying to get by someone. I hope this helps smile

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I hear people shorten these to "disculpe" and "permiso".

I rarely hear perdón or perdóneme in common situations (Central & South America) alhtough I see it's the most popular in most lessons.

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