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when to use accent mark such as que or esta

  • Posted Sep 9, 2011
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Hi! smile

You can't only learn the common ones because there are thousands of common ones, l recommend that you learn all the words, each with its own accent, and don't forget that some Spanish tenses require accent marks to conjugate them wink

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If you are asking a question with 'que' use an accent.

  • or an explanatory sentence ¡Qué raro! - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2011 flag
  • or with an indirect question where que means "what". - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2011 flag
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Almost every word ending in "ón" especially "ción", but there are so many others that you'll just have to get used to it. Once you've practiced Spanish enough you can usually realize which words need accents.

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ójo = left eye

ojó = right eye

  • Nice, but are your sides backwards? Your heart is on your left side. - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2011 flag
  • look at left handed/right handed. - 0074b507 Sep 9, 2011 flag
  • Whose left? - lorenzo9 Sep 10, 2011 flag
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