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what does adios means in english

  • Posted Sep 6, 2011
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Hi Meka and welcome to the Spanishdict forum:

What does "hay" means mean in English?

HayGrass that has been mown and dried for use as feed for cattle and/or other livestock (Hierba segada, seca, para alimento del ganado).

What does "adios" means mean in English?

In English, the word "adios" means the same thing that "adiós" means in Spanish: Goodbye, farewell. (En inglés, la palabra "adios" es una interjección usada para despedirse)

(Of course, by my answers, I am assuming that English is not your native language)

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Hay means "there is" or "there are". Adiós means bye.

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It is a conjugated form of the verb haber which means to have. In that context it would mean there is or there are.

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"There is/There are" "Goodbye" smile

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Do you mean how to say adios in English??

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