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El agua de flor de jamaica es muy saludable

  • Posted Sep 1, 2011
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Flor de Jamaica is hibiscus in English, and the hot infusion thereof called hibiscus tea.

I've never seen it drunk cold in English and do not know of a standard name for it...

  • That is my suspicion, that we were talking about a tea or such rather than "water". - 0074b507 Sep 1, 2011 flag
  • At least in Colombia it is not unsual to find what equates to cold, sweet hibiscus tea, known by the above name. - afowen Sep 1, 2011 flag
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How about "ice Ibiscus tea" ? smile

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This is the best I can make of it.

The water of the flower of Jamaica is very healthy.

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flor o rosa de jamaica

El agua de la flor de Jamaica...

If we are discussing a hydrosol obtain from distilling the petals or other part of the flower it would probably be called Jamaican rose water. (like Rose Water or Orange Water). Otherwise, it would probably be called a juice, extract, syrup, tea, etc. of the flower depending on how it is derived.

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"agua de jamaica" in Mexico is a known in the carribean as "sorrel". The leaves are dried, then boiled and you add sugar to the drink, usually around Christmas time.

  • In Baja California Sur almost every restuarant service agua de jamaice every day of the year. It is extremely common. - gringojrf Jan 14, 2012 flag
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I recall the first time I ever came across this drink. I was vacationing in Los Cabos, México and was wondering why would anyone call un refresco after a country, right? I was intrigued by this purplish liquid in a large jar and was quite pleased when I requested some from the puesto proprietor...bottoms up! raspberry (gringo's on point!)

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