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I wonder why Spanish is so hard to understand and learn well how do you learn Spanish??????? cheese cheese cheese cheese LOL LOL LOL LOL raspberry raspberry raspberry

Edit from Sonrisa: Hola, Brooke. Since you're learning English as well as Spanish, I will correct your post for you and explain why I changed what I did.

I wonder why Spanish is so hard to understand and learn well how do you learn Spanish??????? cheese cheese cheese cheese LOL LOL LOL LOL raspberry raspberry raspberry

I wonder why Spanish is so hard to understand and learn. [We need a period here. Otherwise, we would have a run-on sentence, which is a big no-no!]

Well, how do you learn Spanish? [Since we added a period, we have to begin our new sentence with a capital letter. One question mark gets the point across. wink]

Your question should now read...

I wonder why Spanish is so hard to understand and learn. Well, how do you learn Spanish?

  • What is your native language? - SonrisaDelSo Aug 26, 2011 flag
  • Bienvenida al foro Brooke. :) - EL_MAG0 Aug 26, 2011 flag
  • i speak english what do u speak? SonrisaDelSol what country are u from? - brooke1999 Aug 27, 2011 flag
  • Maybe she meant to say, "...understand and learn well. How do you..." That's how I read it. - MrSillyInc Aug 27, 2011 flag

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I think learning Spanish is dead easy ! Mind you speaking it , writing it, and

understanding it , now there is a whole big different kettle of fish , I find that

harder to get a handle on than a Politician with a conscience , not that you would

want to get a handle on a politician they are slippery characters at the best of times.

But welcome mate and take heart there is a whole bevy of beauties here to help you

and failing that there is a room full of " knock em down drag em out loveable

dummies " that would be only too happy to spend some good learning time with you.

Welcome mate and good luck ! alt text

  • As eloquent as ever, Ray. - territurtle Aug 27, 2011 flag
  • Good point. Apart from understanding, reading and writing it's fairly easy. - annierats Aug 27, 2011 flag
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Learning a language is like any other topic you'll learn. What you put in is what you'll get out.

If you walk into Spanish class with the mindset that Spanish is impossible, then guess what? You're not going to understand it because you will continue to hear a voice nagging in your head, "You're never going to understand this. You're horrible!"

You cannot do that.

You have accept that while learning a difficult, you need to accept the challenge. When your attitude changes, so will the outcome of your studies.

Keep practicing your Spanish. With continued practice and use, it will become easier and easier.

Read here to learn how to learn Spanish!

As you'll read in the link above, our lessons are extremely helpful. Our flashcards will build your vocabulary quickly. While learning is important, application is also very important. Read some books in Spanish (start off small, like kid books, and build your way up to novels) and listen to Spanish songs.

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alt text

Hola Brooke, bienvenida al foro. smile

Along with study of grammar, reading and learning new vocabulary. It is essential to practice speaking. You should start with understanding the pronunciation of each letter and know the alphabet.

If you find some sort of drills, to practice speaking you will learn much faster than just reading and listening. smile

I found synergyspanish course to br very helpful. You can find free samples online if you google that.

It is not learning Spanish that is difficult but learning a second language that is a challenge.

We did not learn our first language by reading grammar books. Studying grammar is all well and good but if you do not practice speaking you will probably not ever speak Spanish.

This site is great, you are in good company and you can find a wealth of helpful refference material in the refference section if you click on the more tab. Paralees lessons are great too. I encourage you to do her lessons. Welcome. smile

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You're very right, Spanish is difficult to learn since you have no need to use it at the moment.

If you really want to learn Spanish, try going to a Spanish speaking country and using it 24/7. Then you'll find you will learn it much faster.

  • I think it's more that a second language is difficult to learn. :) - EL_MAG0 Aug 27, 2011 flag
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Why is Spanish difficult to learn?

So many words? So many grammar rules?

Well, it seems that our brains are programmed to learn language before puberty. After that, it's much harder.

So, it could be that the people who organized our educational system didn't know that when they decided when you should be exposed to a new language. It could be that your school system is teaching you too late for it to be easy.

Never mind. There is no time like the present.

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I think it's because of words like preñado, the adjective used to describe pregnant males.

  • Buenissimo, Lorenzo. Son muy embarazados, los preñados. Oh , how you made me laugh - annierats Aug 27, 2011 flag
  • ¡Yo también! - territurtle Aug 27, 2011 flag
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h Brooke, I think that if you look at a language as a whole it is like looking at Mount Everest. Impossibly hard. But if you think, surely I can get up to base camp, it will seem less impossible. When you get to base-camp ( that's being able to say straightforward things in the present tense) , then you may have become motivated and want the view from camp two ( being able to use the past tense). It is true that by then the top will have vanisheed in a thick cloud of subjunctives, but if you just keep slogging on you will have quite a good trip and with tips like Lorenzo's below you will laugh a lot too. And after all, babies manage but they take some time to learn too, and remain at the grass-root level of ga-ga da-da for along time. I hope you find this encouraging. cool smile

  • Exceedingly wise -- and wonderfully comforting to me -- post, Annierats! - territurtle Aug 27, 2011 flag
  • Thanks Territurtle. I just looked at aquestion on pronouns.. I didn't even understand the question, a fog descended. - annierats Aug 27, 2011 flag
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Well I learn in school.I take spanish at my middle school.Extra help from this website I think has helped me do better.Welcome to the form and good luck learning spanish.

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