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Fiancé has children......looking for an alternative name for "mom." They live with their mother and not real comfortable with them just calling me by my name. Thought maybe "mom" in another language will bring something comfortable and fun into the new environment.

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I thought it was mama or madre.

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Madre is the word for Mother in Spanish. But in your situation I think Mama would be a great choice, here in South Africa it is used by speakers of all Languages - Afrikaans, English and most of the African languages.

  • Thank you! What is it in Afrikaans? - Lrenee6367 Aug 25, 2011 flag
  • Moeder is the Afrikaans word for mother, and like Tannie is used in a similar way to Tía in the answer below - ShayWest Aug 26, 2011 flag
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Tía = aunt in spanish,

but is often used for close family friends or older friends ( like second mothers). The orphange kids in Mexico often called thier housemoms "tía" as many of them still had living parents who are unable to care for them

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The word Mother is the same Madre or Mamá, Mom in spanish is mami.

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And for some reason, madrastra conjures up visions of Cenicienta and others from childhood stories...notably la madrastra malvada... so that one's out, I'm afraid... doesn't roll off the tongue very well either! I grew up with a stepfather but was young enough to bond to him as a "real" dad, and calling him "dad" was very natural... perhaps the kids in question will come up with a suitable solution, given sufficient time.... wink

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