What are a few (tell me about 5-10) Spanish command phrases you use often? or that you have had handy? I am interested because when I am asking my husband or sister for example to help me, or to do something, etc...I usually do so in Spanish to help them learn it too. So what are some of your favorite phrases that you use? I am interested in however many you would like to share. Trying to get up on my phrases....Not the common easy ones like "como estas"...but something more personal like, "¿Quieres ir a dar un paseo conmigo?" etc. THANKS smile

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Well here's some I've always liked, they may not all be applicable to your situation : P

  1. Date prisa! Hurry up!

  2. No te metas en líos. Don't get into trouble.

  3. Qué onda? What's up? Another way I like to say this is "qué hay?"

  4. Mecachis! Shoot!

  5. Any expression with the word "güey/wey" attatched unnecessarily. It's used a lot like the word "dude" here in California. For example "qué te pasa güey?" meaning "what's up with you (dude)?"

  6. Neta. True or understood.

  7. Pura vida! Hang loose!

  8. Pan comido! Easy!

Don't know how many of these you already knew so I tried to add a little variety. There's so many great expressions out there.

edit: Since I have a minute and a couple popped into my head just now:

  1. Me da igual. Doesn't matter to me/I don't care.

  2. Que va! No way!

  3. Qué más da? Who cares?/So what?

I'll see about the whole flashcard thing later on when I have some more time.

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  • These are F A N T A S T I C !! I'd love to see any more you have! Do you have any flashcards for these? - territurtle Aug 25, 2011
  • I actually haven't used the flashcards here at the site yet, but I could definitely spend some time thinking of some more and checking out how to make some! - unMica Aug 25, 2011


These are the common phrases that I heard in my country:

Hasta la vista, baby... See ya... baby

¿Qué pasa?, cara de papa What's wrong? Potato face

¿Cuánto hay para eso? How much you have?

¡Qué mantequilla! Very easy

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I like what you have posted Bella...

Well ...here is the list of my favourite expressions:

1- “Está chupado”: Si algo es fácil, decimos It’s a peice of cake

2- Ahora, cuéntame con pelos y señales…:Now, tell me all down to the last detail…

3- Who cares? -> ¿qué más da? o

4- Te suplico que dejes de fumar. I beg you to quit smoking.

5- Con razón hablas tan bien…: no wonder you speak so well

6- Te lo agradeceré siempre:I will always be grateful to you...

Enjoy learning spanish Bella !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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¡Vamonos, rápido! = Let's go, hurry

No me importa = I don't care

Déjame solo, por favor = Please, leave me alone

¡Sí se puede! = Yes you can! (I usually hear this phrase from the mexicans)

¡arriba arriba, ándale ándale! = I don't know what this phrase mean yet smile LOL

  • Vámonos (tilde) - pesta Aug 25, 2011
  • ¡arriba arriba, ándale ándale! = Up, up, [let's] go, go! - pesta Aug 25, 2011