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I need extreme help! Please, help me! I am in Spanish 3. O.O I took two years of Spanish 1, and 1 year of Spanish 2. I really didn't learn ANYTHING about Spanish 2, so of course I have no idea about what's going on in Spanish 3. Were doing a project that has to do with our names. My name is: "Kayla". I need a word for the "K" & "Y" in my name. The catch is, that it has to be something about me. O.O So, can you just tell me some words that are around means of nice, kind, amazing, talented, funny, something like that - all nice things though! lol (: Another catch is, is that it's supposed to start with that letter in Spanish, but doesnt have to have that same letter inn English. EX: for "L" I put Listo even though the meaning of Listo doesnt start with a "L". Please, please, please help this sincerely horrified "White_Girl"! D:

  • Posted Aug 24, 2011
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3 years of Spanish and you don't know how to open a dictionary? gulp

Here's the deal: There really aren't any Spanish words that begin with K. The very few that exist came from other languages.

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Maybe it would be cheating, but instead of "k," maybe you could be creative and use words that begin with "que."

Just a thought.

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Words that start with K in spanish

Stole this from a previous thread...sometimes searching your question will get you the result you are looking for smile

K words thread

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You can become a plasterer like me -Yesero

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"k" only exists in a few words of foreign origin such as kilómetro.

Maybe you could put on a lot of weight and use kilogramo?

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Kilo you can measure yourself in kilos instead of pounds/ metric system

linda pretty (don't forget that adjectives have to be feminine since you are a female.

KL Kilo Linda

There are only about 35 words in the Spanish language that begin with K

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Woops, I guess you need a word for Y Well, again , how many words in Spanish begin with Y. Not that many 40-45?

Y = Yanquí ( From English) Yahkee a native on the United States.

You really need to get a dictionary.

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Kayla -Karateka ..... when you know karate -Amorosa ..... when you brings a lots of love -Yanqui ..... american people -Linda..... pretty -Amistosa...... when you have many real friends.

I hope i can help you .....You need a diccionary spanish, spanish.... you can find it in google

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I believe I made your classmates homework yesterday ...

click to see the thread

I bet you are in the same class!

I support the answer of Goyo, it's not that difficult to search and think at the same time.


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There is a dictionary right on this website.

See where it says "dictionary" right at the top of the page?

Type in your letter and a vowel and see what shows up.

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