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What is the difference between negrito and negro? is negrito mean smaller black color?

  • Posted Aug 24, 2011
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  • Sometimes it is a matter of expressing affection or not, not a matter of size. Diminuitives are used to express afftection. p.ej.: mamacita - 0074b507 Aug 24, 2011 flag

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Hi, Samo. Welcome to the forum.

The word "negro" means black and "negrito" means "little black."

Lots of folks in Latin America will call certain friends "negrito" as a nickname when he has dark skin. It's not an insult.

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I am not sure of the difference , but I used to drink a fantastic Rum years ago

called " Rum Negrita " it was incredible , sadly I can no longer obtain it .

As the name suggests it was a dark sweet rum , so eeeeeeasy to drink.

Best of luck Samo22 welcome to the fora.

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Ito/ita is normally used as a diminutive in aspects of word formation. So the following could be,

Un coche negro - A black car

Un coche negrito - A little black car.

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While living in a small town in Oaxaca state, I had a good friend from Uganda (with very dark skin). She was popular in the town--everyone knew her and liked her friendly ways. Most townfolks called her "La Negrita" (and "Hola, Negrita" when speaking to her.) My boss at a university in Chile, a woman with black hair and olive skin, was "La Negra." It is used descriptively, and the diminutive form has a more affectionate sound (both women were around 50 years old).

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In this context I'm sure it's being used as a term of affection. I have been called negrito before, and I've been told sometimes this is used even with people who do not have dark skin.

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Negro is the color.... Negrito is a nickname in PR.....

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