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What I know is that people who hire rooms in a building are called tenants and not residents, but what we call the people who belong to a specific country and living in the buildings? Do we call them tenants ,even though they are the owners of the rooms, or we call them residents?

  • Posted Aug 18, 2011
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Resident usually has the nuance a living somewhere permanently or for a long time. It is not the same as an inhabitant. An example showing the difference would be a resident alien.

inhabitant has the connotation of permanent dwelling.

native would have the connotation of being born and raised there

All of the terms have their own connotations, but I think any of them would be understood in the context of the people to belong to a certain nationality (the people who belong to a specific country and living in the buildings). When you get down to more specific situations one term will dominate over the other.

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You are a resident of wherever you live, that includes the building, the city, the state, and the country.

You are a tenant if you rent an apartment or building.

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I think residents are people who live there. It can be permanantly or temporarily. They may own or rent or be on vacation.

Tenants rent the place though and don't own it.

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For people living in a specific country, you could say "inhabitants." This could be used for people living in a building as well, but "residents" does sound better in that case. Tenants usually refers to renters rather than home or apartment owners.

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