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i need to know for a homework asignment all the capital of the countries in central america in spanish

  • Posted Aug 16, 2011
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4 Answers

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RAE- apéndice 5

Apéndice 5: Lista de países y capitales, con sus gentilicios

This link will give you the countries and capitals of the world, in Spanish, from the ultimate authority.

From that link:

México*. País de América. Gent. mexicano, -na. Cap. México D. F.

México D. F. Capital de México.

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El distrito federal de Mexico...o la Ciudad de Mexico. Esto es como refiero yo a este lugar.

The federal district of Mexico...or Mexico City. This is how I refer to this place.

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If you are in Mexico....you will always hear it refered to as "el D.F." by the Mexicans....however I would not recommend that for school. So I would go with el distrito federal de México Or in english: Mexico City.

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