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What is the word for word translation of "como se dice"?

  • Posted Aug 16, 2011
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"¿Cómo se dice?" --- it literally means How is it said?/How does one say?

How does one say?

However, that type of phrasing in English is becoming less common. Therefore, in English, we would just interpret is as "How do you say...?"

How do you say lamp in English? ---- ¿Cómo se dice la lámpara en el inglés?

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You're probably just curious, but I recommend that you avoid thinking about literal translations and instead think in terms of English equivalents and trying to learn to think in Spanish instead.

Looking for literal translations all the time will hurt you in the long run.

  • I don't know if that's entirely true, as long as you do not think too much of the literal English translation. Sometimes the funny way a literal translation sounds could help you remember more easily. :) - cola_jet_set Jan 17, 2013 flag
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I believe it can also mean how are your rolling dice grin

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"How self say"" (How does it say itself)

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how do you say is the closest word for word you will get that makes sence in english

in that order it literally says:

How it is said

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It's hard to translate "se" in this case. but "cómo" means "how" and "dice" means "says" so maybe like "How one says..."

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What is the word for word translation of "como se dice"?


" ¿Cómo se dice ___? " translates into " How do you say ___? "

Here's a few examples.
1. Cómo se dice hola? - How do you say hi?
2. Cómo se dice agua? - How do you say water?
3. Cómo se dice pan? = How do you say bread?

Click here for a spanish translator. This link may not work though

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