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I was at a mexican restaurant yesterday and the sign for the handicap parking had "estacionamiento" in parenthesis under the english words "handicap parking".

I looked up "estacionamiento" and it means parking but there is no indication of what kind of parking.

Does this make sense or should the spanish translation have been more descriptive?

This was in Colorado, USA.

  • Posted Aug 16, 2011
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Sometimes translations are also "accommodated" to better fit the culture. LOL

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  • Un poco descarado, ¿no? Jejeje. - lazarus1907 Aug 16, 2011 flag
  • Vale la pena aprender español ¿Verdad? - MLucie Aug 16, 2011 flag
  • Lol! Si ML, es la verdad. Me encanta este letrero. :) - Jeremias Aug 16, 2011 flag
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Concuerdo con Mariana.

Parking = Estacionamiento

Handicapped Paking = Estacionamiento para lisiados/incapacitados.

Parking lot = playa de estacionamiento

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The word "estacionamiento" simply means "parking" and nothing more.

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It should be "estacionamiento para discapacitados."

. . .the sign probably wasn't big enough wink

  • That was my initial thought. - john20 Aug 16, 2011 flag
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Estacionamiento just means parking. So maybe they want spanish speakers to have the best parking grin In mexico you see signs with E everywhere, and the E is to say that there is parking (general)

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