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When you really like someone.

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There a tons of ways to express endearment in spanish:

Te amo mucho mi amor = I love you very much 'my love'

Try looking some up as well, theres lots of resources full of them smile

Terms of Endearment (Spanish)

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If you're talking to a boyfriend/girlfriend or even a spouse, you should say, "Te quiero, cariño"

For more terms of endearment and romantic phrases, read below...

1) Cariño - honey/dear

2) Mi amor - my love

3) Mi cielo - my heaven

4) Mi corazón - my heart

5) Papi - Shakira says this..."daddy" (you could also say "papacito")

6) Mi querido - my dear

7) Mi angél - my angel

8) Guapo or guapito - handsome

9) Lindo - cute/cutie

10) Mi vida - my life

11) Mi rey - my king

12) Sexy - take a guess what this means in English

13) Bello - beautiful

More romantic Spanish phrases and words can be found here. (some of them are quite...steamy gulp )

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Te amo bebé


te quiero

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eres mi vida. te amo bebé

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Te adoro.

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nena would actually be baby as in the term of endearment.It is the feminine form nene, and it used mostly with women.

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Te quiero nena smile

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