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i have a coffee cup that has on it "caca de toro" what does it mean?

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only peek if you are old enough

alt text

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Uhhh, bulls***

  • It's a little softer than that. More like bull poop. - gintar77 Aug 14, 2011 flag
  • Yes, it is not that harsh. - lazarus1907 Aug 15, 2011 flag
  • Haha, this has somehow become my most voted comment. What a legacy. - bafalck Aug 15, 2011 flag
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This could be an interesting post. Your coffee cup says "caca de toro" in Spanish, that is because it has a double meaning (doble sentido)

But there are other words we can use:

"excremento", "heces" or "materia fecal" (If we are talking about in terms of Fecal material)

"estiercol", "bosta" or "abono orgánico" (If we are talking about in terms of manure)

Hope it was helpful

  • Animal, *another word "no s" singular or in this case you would say "there are other words" :) - Yeser007 Aug 15, 2011 flag
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Bull's poop, or if you prefer caca from bull. Buena suerte.

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I think this is one of those you don't even have to be studying Spanish to know.wink

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Mentira! smile

My other one was erased....

  • I thought it said "Mier**" So sorry! - --Mariana-- Aug 15, 2011 flag
  • It did say that, Chileno....no palabrotas on the forum! - --Mariana-- Aug 15, 2011 flag
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Is this a common expression in Mexico? I've never heard it in Argentina.

Sounds kind of Spanglish to me.

  • as far as i know its more a chicano term....latino americans..i have not heard people who dont know english in mexican use it. - toothpastech Aug 15, 2011 flag
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