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I heard my daughter's mother call my daughter a nick name "CHINA" in spanish, it sound like she was upset with my daughter when she said "NO CHINA ! ". Later my daughter told me now her relatives are calling her the same and they told my daughter it meant someone who was nasty.

Does this word mean something dirty or good ?

Someone told me it only meant "CURLY HAIR".

Could you help me to really find out if they are insulting my daughter?

  • Posted Aug 14, 2011
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  • it does matter where you're grandmother is from. Chileans say cochino/a to kids in an endearing way even though it is pejorative, like if they have a dirty diaper. Like 'cochina mija'. China can also mean she has prized features like light skin - jacktee Jul 30, 2016 flag

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In Colombia, is usual use "chino/a" as a nickname for children or kids. For me it is not an insult. But I don't know if there is a country that means as a bad word.

Hope it was helful.

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There's no need to get all bent out of shape with using china to address your daughter. It's a term of endearment meaning darling, honey.

  • I think you just saved a life :-) - 0095ca4c Jun 26, 2013 flag
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Also if they are calling her "china" or "no china", they're probably calling her cochina and she probably misheard, which DOES mean nasty in most Spanish speaking-countries.

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China means Chinese, but maybe she meant cochina which means pig.

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