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While watching some of the videos, I often here Paralee say "¿listo?". I looked it up with the dictionary, but didn't see exactly what I think it should be. It seems like it means "ready?" but I wanted to ask and be sure.

  • Posted Aug 11, 2011
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2 Answers

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"Listo" - ready

¿Estás listo? - Are you (familiar male) ready?

¿Listo? - Ready?

It can also be "lista" for the chicas.

  • Contexto, "listo" tambien puede significar "smart or intelligent" - Krassa Aug 11, 2011 flag
  • Sí, Krassa, gracias. Pero Paralee dice "listo" en nuestros vídeos para decir "ready". - SonrisaDelSo Aug 11, 2011 flag
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In the context of the video, it means ready. Estar listo to be ready but ser listo is to be smart or clever.

  • lista can also be "a list" as a noun ;) hacer una lista is commen in Mexico... - toothpastech Aug 11, 2011 flag
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