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need a spanish word that starts with "rr" for my spanish class

  • Posted Aug 7, 2011
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None! The R at the beginning of a word is always thrilled, and it is never written as RR. The same happens after L or N.

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in the "traducir" box at the top of this page, enter rr.

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La palabra rrevocable no está registrada en el Diccionario. Las que se muestran a continuación tienen una escritura cercana.


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  • Hmm, that's listed as an English word, but it is a typo in the dictionary. - gintar77 Aug 7, 2011 flag
  • No words in Spanish start with 'rr'. - gintar77 Aug 7, 2011 flag
  • Rrrrreally outrageous! - lazarus1907 Aug 7, 2011 flag
  • Es irrevocable, con i al principio. - Krassa Aug 7, 2011 flag
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