Is the translation just "suena bien"? And does it mean the same thing in Spanish as it does in English? Like for example if I'm making plans with my friends and someone offers up one that we can all agree on I'll usually say "sounds good". Is this phrase used at all in Spanish speaking countries or is there something different that is more common?

  • Posted Aug 7, 2011
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  • That phrase is used. I am pretty sure I have heard it used without the "me" (to me) as you wrote it, at least I use the phrase like that, but it is quite possible you really need the "me" (to me) as cited by Gfreed and nobody ever bothered to correct me. - Jeremias Aug 7, 2011

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¿Les parece bien?

Me suena bien.

clipped online:

me suena bien or me suena chido (informal/slang)

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you can say " suena bein "

  • Aug 7, 2011
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