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Como traducir este ejemplo a Ingles!

-¿Quieres agua? -SÍ, gracias -De nada, hombre!

  • Posted Aug 6, 2011
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5 Answers

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You're welcome (you are welcome)

Literalmente es it's nothing, pero no lo decimos así (edited to add lo)

  • "No decimos así" = "We don't say 'that way' ". "No lo decimos así" = "We don't say it that way". - lazarus1907 Aug 6, 2011 flag
  • We do, however, say, "it was nothing" with exactly the same meaning. - samdie Aug 7, 2011 flag
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we can say it as -You want some water? -Yes, thanks, You're welcome, man!

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The usual thing to say would be "you're welcome."

But something closer in meaning might be "think nothing of it" if you are in the UK, "no problem" if you are in the US or Canada, or "no worries" if you are in Australia.

There is also "Don't mention it!" if you are feeling emphatic. This means that there is no need for thanks (even if there is!).

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Thank you! Gracias!

  • You're welcome :-) No hay de que - elainepnj Aug 7, 2011 flag
  • I have heard "¿Por qué?" for "de nada" in Bolivia ' the 1st time I started to explain why. :) - ian-hill Nov 2, 2011 flag
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The English would of course traditionally say "Not at all" which is tantalisingly close to the Spanish. It does have a 30's cinema ring to it though.

"Thank you so much!" "Not at all, not at all my dear fellow."

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