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My friend's last name is ocampo. What does it mean?

  • Posted Aug 5, 2011
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  • Proper capitalization and punctuation are fairly common on here... ;-) - cristalino Aug 5, 2011 flag

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I dont know much about that area of spain...but campo usually refers to "the fields" or an agricultural region...might be an area that is historically agricultural???

  • Thanks for your help. I discovered it refers to the northern most part of Spain. Have great day, seeya! - keithflauer Aug 5, 2011 flag
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alt text

I think that should say a place in "Galicia", which is in northwest Spain.

alt text

Lugo is a province in northwest Spain in the community of Galicia, Spain.


  • Very thorough, SDS... like pulling out the big guns! :) - cristalino Aug 5, 2011 flag
  • And the Galicians have Gallic (Irish) ancestry. This makes so much sense "O' campo," of the country. - JoyceM Aug 5, 2011 flag
  • Gracias, Cristalino. And, yes, Joyce -- muy interesante :) - SonrisaDelSo Aug 5, 2011 flag
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Ocampo is a Mexican-Irish name for someone who comes from the country. The apostrophe was lost along the way. Similar to Obama.

During the Mexican War of Independence from Spain, some of the many Irish mercenaries who fought for Spain stayed in Mexico. For this reason it is not uncommon to find Irish names in parts of Mexico, especially the Bajio, "the cradle of independence."

Bet you never knew that!

(The second paragraph is actually true.)




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