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From a tutorial (I believe on this site...) I was led to believe that "mejor" refered to the opposite of "joven" ... So I thought it referred to old age.

I see in page 66 of Madrigals that it refers to better, as in a patient got better.

"El paciente esta mejor"

Please advise,

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  • Posted Aug 4, 2011
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6 Answers

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You have seen: mayor

Mayor means older.

Soy mayor que tú. I am older than you.

it is also used for the elderly,

Es una señora mayor.

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How about "mayor" as an opposite of "joven?" I think that is what was intended...

(=de más edad) older

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My book "Anda" says that mayor is the opposite of joven. Mejor means "better" or "best". "El paciente se mejora"

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I think you are confusing mayor=eldest link text

and mejor=best link text

Just my thoughts but I am a beginner too.

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I think you may be confusing "mejor" with "menor". Although "menor" is not the opposite of "joven", but rather similar.

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OMG Thankyou Heidita!!!! Silly me. I got that confused. Oh how that was bugging me!

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