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This is probably a simple question, but I've seen it written written differently in different books. When greeting somebody should one say "Buenos noches" or "Buenas noches"?

  • Posted Jul 31, 2011
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"Buenas noches" it's the correct form.

When Where do did you see "Buenos noches"?, it is wrong I'm afraid that's not right. Surly Surely your confused with "Buenos dias".

"Buenas noches" es la forma correcta.

¿Dónde viste "Buenas noches"?, está equivocado. Seguramente te confundiste con "Buenos dias".

  • Hey Krassa - haces muy bien con tus correciónes, muchísimas gracias por todo tu trabajo duro. Tienes razon en decir 'it is wrong' pero a veces en inglés decimos algo como 'I'm afraid that's not right' o algo así para sonar un poco más amable je je. - Kiwi-Girl Jul 31, 2011 flag
  • Pero solamente es un pensamiento mío :) Oh y 'surly' debe ser 'surely' si buscas la traducción de 'surly' quizas te rías :) Lo siento si mi español es terrible lol espero que me entiendas :) - Kiwi-Girl Jul 31, 2011 flag
  • Your spanish is excellent, only one correction "correciónes", without accent and with a extra C... However, corrección with accent. - Krassa Jul 31, 2011 flag
  • And really thank you for your opinion, it's necessary for my learning :) - Krassa Jul 31, 2011 flag
  • ah gracias lo sabía pero había olvidado se omita el acento en la plural, gracias - y de nada el placer es mío :) (I need it to learn. en vez de it's necessary ... o quizas 'it really helps me to learn' suena más natural :) - Kiwi-Girl Jul 31, 2011 flag
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If you can't remember whether to use buenas or buenos with noche - look up 'noche' in the dictionary and you'll see that it says Noche - feminine noun so then you will know that any adjectives that you put with it are going to have to be feminine as well - including 'good' / buena.

Then if you want to make noche plural = noches - you will have to do the same for your adjective buena = buenas.

Buenas noches.

As an exercise then, why not look up día? See if this will be the same or not. smile

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Welcome to the forum, Swarnes!

Like the others have said, whether you say "buenos" or "buenas" depends on the gender of the noun you wish to describe.

Buenos días (día is masculine)

Buenas tardes (tardes is feminine)

Buenas noches (noches is feminine)

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I just wanted to see what it was like to answer a question that's already been answered 6 times.

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"Noches" is a feminine noun, so it is "buenas noches".

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Buenos or buenas? Well, it all depends on what follows the word buenos/buenas

Buenos días here because the word días is masculine despite ending in an a (Goodmorning)

Buenas tardes/ noches here because both tardes and noches are feminine (Good afternoon/night)

Buenas noticias = because the word noticias is feminine (good news )

I think you are beginning to see a pattern emerging here. adjectives must agree in both gender and number with the nouns they describe.

For example:

Todas las toallas son blancas = All the towels are white.

Los perros negros están jugando en el parque.

= The black dogs are playing in the park

I hope this helps grin

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Buenas noches, because its simply the correct way alt text

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