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I often hear Spanish people calling others Essay. What does that mean?

  • Posted Jul 29, 2011
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  • What h the history channel some time! - Jglndr7 Aug 2, 2014 flag

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Hah. It's actually "ese" and is a slang word often used by Mexicans, at least I've only heard Mexicans use it. It's just like dude, man, bro, etc. but feels more like homie or "homeboy". It's really just filler and they say it way too much but it's good to recognize it I guess.

  • eseeeeee vato...;) - toothpastech Jul 29, 2011 flag
  • Great answer bafalck. For all my time in Mexico I never noticed that! - Jeremias Jul 29, 2011 flag
  • Actually, I have never heard it either... Perhaps it is more used by Chicanos? - aquí_me_enc Jul 29, 2011 flag
  • Never been to Mexico myself but I'm from Texas so close enough right? :P - bafalck Jul 29, 2011 flag
  • its street talk...something the cholos might say...or just the adolocentes trying to be 'cool' - toothpastech Jul 29, 2011 flag
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

The sound "essay" is the same as Spanish for "ese", that. However, Spanish folks don't go around calling each other "ese". Maybe if you tried to provide a little more context you'll get some better answers.



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I am pretty sure that it is Mexican slang for friend

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Ese Means "Homeboy" and Esa Means " HomeGirl" (:

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"ese" is the Spanish pronunciation of the letter "s." I believe it refers to a gang in L.A. streets named: Mara Salvatrucha. The "ese" is an abbreviation of Salvatrucha. They just pronounce the S of Salvatrucha. Unfortunately this is gang which was formed by Central Americans, Salvadoreans fleeing from the Civil War of the 80s to defend themselves from other rival gangs in L.A..

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I have been to Mexico a few times and have never heard it there, however, I have heard it often on television programs among latino street gangs. Usually New York or LA, I figure it is a word common only in Hollywood.

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its not essay. its ese.

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I remember this causing confusion once in an episode of South Park.

See here

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ese means 'that'.

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That doesn't mean "ese" or "esa", it means "ensayo", which is when we write papers as well. Bad information being answered here. Mexican slang is a whole different thing, Americans just decided to say essay and make it translated that way but it's not.

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Its "ese" which is the pronunciation of "s" in spanish, and it's basically like when african americans call each other "nigga" not every mexican says "ese" it depends on their comfort level, and who they are

  • I'm an Anglo. I went to High School in the Whittier area of Los Angeles county during the mid 1950s. Many of my Chicano friends called me ese charlie. - ese_charlie Jun 17, 2015 flag
  • Correct ! My cousins grew up in Whittier, but I grew up in yuma,arizona and in the 1960s with friends we referred to each other as "ese", which was a friendly term and did mean homeboy. also common such as in "ese cabron", to throw in a few cusswords - Desertraven Feb 25, 2016 flag
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