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How do you distinguish gender with common gender nouns? I thought that it was with the article, but in lesson 3.15, the picture shows a male security guard and the caption is "la guarda jurado." Would it be correct for a male: "el guarda jurado", and a female: "la guarda jurada"?

  • Posted Jul 25, 2011
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What is a common gender noun? Is that any noun that can take either el or la....like el radio and la radio, el cometa, la cometa. Here sex doesn't even enter into the picture.

I think that you need to qualify or define your term. Remember that invariable nouns or adjectives don't change with either gender or number (el/la guarda....las /los guardas...not invariable)

Did you mean a common sex noun? One that can be used for either sex?

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Thanks for the quick responses!

My Spanish/English dictionary calls noun forms that do not change with sex/gender "common" in the legend where "mf" is used. Example: El/la cobaya. Male/female quinea pig. El/la dentista.

I am confused about the vocabulary lesson in 3.15. The picture shows a male security guard. The caption is "La guarda jurado."

I was wondering if this is correct. Do you use el/la to denote whether the "guarda" is male or female? Does jurado change to jurada like a normal adjective, as well.

Male: El guarda jurado, los guardos jurados Female: La guarda jurado, las guardas juradas.


Is it always "La guarda," and you denote the sex/gender with either jurado or jurada? La guarda jurado, la guarda jurada?

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el guarda


com. Persona que tiene a su cargo el cuidado de algo:

el guarda de la finca.

The gender of a noun is not determined by the adjective modifying it. It is the adjective that shows concordance with the gender of the noun.

el guarda jurado (male security gurard) o la guarda jurada (female security guard)

if you want a more interesting example try policía

la policía=policewoman or the police in general

el policía=policeman

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