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How do you distinguish gender with common gender nouns? I thought that it was with the article, but in lesson 3.15, the picture shows a male security guard and the caption is "la guarda jurado." Would it be correct for a male: "el guarda jurado", and a female: "la guarda jurada"?

  • Posted Jul 25, 2011
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4 Answers

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What is a common gender noun? Is that any noun that can take either el or el radio and la radio, el cometa, la cometa. Here sex doesn't even enter into the picture.

I think that you need to qualify or define your term. Remember that invariable nouns or adjectives don't change with either gender or number (el/la guarda....las /los guardas...not invariable)

Did you mean a common sex noun? One that can be used for either sex?

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Thanks for the quick responses!

My Spanish/English dictionary calls noun forms that do not change with sex/gender "common" in the legend where "mf" is used. Example: El/la cobaya. Male/female quinea pig. El/la dentista.

I am confused about the vocabulary lesson in 3.15. The picture shows a male security guard. The caption is "La guarda jurado."

I was wondering if this is correct. Do you use el/la to denote whether the "guarda" is male or female? Does jurado change to jurada like a normal adjective, as well.

Male: El guarda jurado, los guardos jurados Female: La guarda jurado, las guardas juradas.


Is it always "La guarda," and you denote the sex/gender with either jurado or jurada? La guarda jurado, la guarda jurada?

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el guarda


com. Persona que tiene a su cargo el cuidado de algo:

el guarda de la finca.

The gender of a noun is not determined by the adjective modifying it. It is the adjective that shows concordance with the gender of the noun.

el guarda jurado (male security gurard) o la guarda jurada (female security guard)

if you want a more interesting example try policía

la policía=policewoman or the police in general

el policía=policeman

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