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Does anybody know how to say - to play 'hide-and-seek' in Spanish? And other games as well?

  • Posted Jul 18, 2011
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  • What other games would you like to know? :) - SonrisaDelSo Jul 18, 2011 flag
  • You know how to say - to do a puzzle? :) - esteban87 Jul 18, 2011 flag

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I used to say: "Vamos a jugar a las escondidillas.

Also escondidas and escondis but the first one was more common.

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Here's a link from our very own site on tag I found quite interesting, especially since it goes by so many different names in various countries/regions:

You're It!

  • Great :) I was looking for this too, but I didn`t know the English name :) - esteban87 Jul 18, 2011 flag
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un ejemplo:

vamos a jugar a las escondidas lets go to play hide and seek

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Esteban, to answer your "puzzle" question, I would say:

Armar un rompecabezas = to put together a puzzle

I have heard "hacer un puzle" ('puzle', con una z, viene en el DRAE) but I prefer the former.

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