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Hi, has anyone here used or know someone who has used the LoMasTv Spanish learning website?

If so is it any good?

Thanks for any replies.

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They have added a lot to the content since the earlier days. In addition to music videos, there are now many interviews, short clips from television shows, and a variety of other videos.

I have been using it fairly regularly for about six months now. I find that even the music videos are very helpful because they are repetitive and the music helps me remember things. I also enjoy playing the game at the end of each video, which tests your ability to hear individual words within the video.

I personally find it to be helpful for "listening"and also for becoming accustomed to the many different Spanish accents, as they use material from several countries. In addition, there is a flashcard section and lessons which are great.

There is a fee of about $10 a month. I pay six months up front which saves a bit.

If you have the money, give it a try for a month. smile

I am always thankful and amazed that despite the huge variety of content and learning materials on S.D., it still remains free! Never take this site for granted. smile

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Personally, I don't like spending money if I can avoid it (I don't have too much of it!).

I'd recommend diving right in to Spanish tv, there's loads out there on the Internet.

Don't worry if you can't understand much at all, it will come. Little by little. Just watch what's going on, feel pleased when you hear a word or phrase that you know, look up the occasional words if they recur frequently and you don't know them.

rtve is great if you want to focus on Spanish pronunciation, colloquialisms and sounds from Spain, I watch this series at the moment, (you can watch it live as-it-happens too, but I find the video pages very convenient) it's so much fun, but there is loads of stuff out there.

It has helped me enormously, and continues to do so.


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I just started spanishdict today and love it! I highly recommend lomastv.com. The videos are great, imo. They include music videos, cheesy soap opera dramas, old western movie clips, interviews, etc.. The captioning and the ability to slow down the video clips is key. Sometimes, though, I'll go to lomastv just to hear music videos I've discovered that I really like. I say give it a shot.

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I'm not much into music videos, which seemed to be a lot of the content, so it wasn't great for me. Maybe you can sign up for the trial version?

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Ah right so it's mainly music videos. Did you try it? I just found it and wondered what others thought.

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señorjordan.com is free and señorwooly.com and newsinslowspanish.com both have free components that are educational and sometimes very fun (señorwooly). Fabulous Spanishdict will lead you to great resources like these by following the links in this sequence: Top right on this page--More -- Reference-- Spanish Media and Spanish Learning Resources I also love these music videos I've found on youtube. For an introduction to a variety of Spanish-language artists and styles, as well as English translations, go to youtube and search for Learning Spanish Songs, posted by escorpio 123. They're fun! Escorpio, who is a native speaker of Spanish, makes a few wee mistakes with the English translations, but they're insignificant.

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Thanks for the answers it's really helpful, Nicole mentioned that the site was worth a shot. I was just thinking are there any other sites like LoMasTv that people have used and think are better?

Thanks again.

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I used it for a few months, it's more then just music videos. I found the interviews in different countries very intriguing. I also liked some of the cooking stuff they had. I'd say it's worth it for a month or two if you like something a little more interactive. But like others have said there are many resources out there. It's finding out what you like or prefer to learn from. But lomastv can be very useful and cultural as well because there are videos from many different countries which allows you to become a used to the MANY different accents there are in the spanish language.

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I love lomastv. I have been using it for a couple of years. Right now, I am studying a four part interview with William Bonilla. There is so much one can learn from listening to the speaker, training your ear to hear and understand the Spanish, and learning all the short little phrases that you need to know and use in order to be fluent in Spanish. I pay by the year and I think it is well worth the price. Oh.... check out the "Tania" video on there, by the music group "Fase". The song is sung by Alma Velasco. It has become one of my favorite songs ever. The graphics of the video are really great.

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