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convenient; useful; suitable, appropriate; advisable

DO NOT use the translator!! ¡No usar el traductor!

Work must be done by yourself.
This thread is about YOUR ability not the ability of the translator. wink

Post your sentences in Spanish and English, then vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes and language correctness.

These threads are kindly moderated by Heidita. Please correct your posts according to Heidita’s indications and suggestions smile.

Posts which will not be corrected or accepted:
• Captions with 3 words or less
• Paragraphs with more than 4 lines
• Posts which cannot be understood it is read three or four times
• Posts which consist mainly of lyrics or idioms which do not translate.
• Captions copied directly from books or other sources.
• Multiple posts from one person, or those who don't write the sentences in both English and Spanish.
• Remember to use the Word of the Day in a typical Spanish sentence. This is great practice for you and for everyone that reads the thread to see how the Word of the Day could be used in a sentence.

Remember to correct your posts as suggested or they can NOT be "accepted".
Do not use subject pronouns in Spanish. (You'll be sent to the dunce corner!)

My Example:

Supongo que estos zapatos son convenientes, pero no creo que ayuden a nadie a correr más rápido. ¿Qué creeís?

These shoes might be convenient, but I do not think that they will help someone run faster. What do you think?

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Cell phones can be very convenient, but they also have their disadvantages . . . cool smile

Teléfonos celulares pueden ser muy convenientes, pero también tienen sus desventajas . . . . . cool smirk

alt text

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Esto podría ser conveniente si eres demasiado borracho para caminar al baño.

This can be convenient if you're too drunk to walk to the bathroom.

alt text

  • Nice :) - Fidalgo Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Too many people would be washing their hands with the little bars of soap. - 0074b507 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Now that´s a good place for a wall hanging (bar hanging) urinal! - bandit51jd Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • (I guess you may not be too familiar with urinals...the deodorizing tablets that they throw in them). - 0074b507 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Not that I have a habit of going into men's bathrooms, but yes I've seen the little urine cakes there, eewwww! - amykay Jul 13, 2011 flag
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En cuanto sea conveniente ¿alguien puede ayudarme? por favor.

As soon as it's convenient can someone please help me?

alt text

  • Pobrecito, tiene una mamá (o un papá) que saca una foto antes de ayudarle . . . . . . . :) - Ingeteacher Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • An experience like that could set the potty training schedule back a few weeks. jeje - Nicole-B Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • :) - 001a2987 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • No need for the "a" alguien. That is the subject. - 0074b507 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • What a wonderful way to start my day -- with laughter. Thanks Kiwi!! - territurtle Jul 13, 2011 flag
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Este sitio de aprendizaje es el más conveniente que he visto in mi vida.

This is the most convenient learning site I have ever seen in my life.

alt text

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Tomarse un tiempo para relajarse no sólo es conveniente sino necesario.

Taking time to relax is not only convenient, but necessary.

alt text

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Es muy conveniente a mi que hablar y escribir en Español cada día.
It is very useful to me to speak and write in Spanish each day. smile
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Sería conveniente estudiar español en el extranjero pero no todos tiene los recursos para hacerlo.

It would be useful to study Spanish abroad, but not everybody has the resources to do so.

alt text

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Te digo que sería conveniente que no te hagas eso antés de....¡demasiado tarde!

I am telling you that it would be advisable that you do not do that before...too late!

  • jajajaja - 001a2987 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Pretty clever -- as always! :) - territurtle Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Ay, me está bien merecido por ser tan terca . . . . . . :) - Ingeteacher Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Te digo que sería conveniente que no hagas eso antes de que..... - 00494d19 Jul 13, 2011 flag
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Siempre tengo reir cuando estoy en un lugar que no es conveniente.

I always have to laugh when I am in a place that is not convenient.

alt text

  • :) - Ingeteacher Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Siempre tengo que reir cuando estoy en un lugar que no es conveniente. - 00494d19 Jul 13, 2011 flag
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alt text Mi clase. My classroom. I live only a mile from my work....It's very convenient!

Vivo solamente una mila de mi trabajo... ¡Es muy conveniente! Correción-Vivo solamente a una milla...

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This bed is very useful to use.

Esta cama es muy conveniente para usar.

alt text

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Alguna ropa es nada conveniente para llevar en público.

Some clothing is not suitable to wear in public.

alt text

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Vestirse conveniente es muy importante especilamente cuando vas a las montañas. No olvida de tomar contigo: una chaqueta, una gorra, una bufanda y los guentes calientes!!

alt_text alt_text

To dress appropriatly is very important especially when you go to the mountains. Do not forget to take a jacket, a hat, a scarf and worm gloves !!

  • guantes="warm" gloves - 0074b507 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Muy bien, pero yo díria: Do not forget to take a jacket, a hat, a scarf and warm gloves!! :) - 001a2987 Jul 14, 2011 flag
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A veces,es necesario hacer la cosa buena lo bueno ; incluso cuando no es conveniente.

Sometimes,it is necessary to do the right thing; even when it is not convenient.

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No es no muy conveniente por mi en Australia tengo que trabajar por la noche ,

cuando los otros miembros trabajan durante el día.

It is not very convenient for me in Australia I have to work at night , when the

other members they work during the day. alt text

  • Pero puedes dormir cuando nosotros tenemos que trabajar . . . . . :) - Ingeteacher Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Qué asco!! :) - 001a2987 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • para mí, por la noche, - 00494d19 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Thank you ingerteacher , but I meant in the context of doing work on SD. - ray76 Jul 13, 2011 flag
  • Chris, what is "yuck" me , the sentence , or the position I am in ? - ray76 Jul 13, 2011 flag
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