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In Mexico I was told ''¿que pedo wey?'' was slang. What is it's use and what does it mean?

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FYI, Pedo actually means fart..."quien pedo?" "Who farted". But colloquially it's used in many ways.

If said out of anger, this can mean "what's your problem dude". The look on the other persons face as well as tone of voice will make it obvious whether they mean "what's up" or "what's your problem".

no hay pedo - no problem

Estoy bien pedo - I'm really drunk

But as stated earlier, pedo in most cases is very vulgar, so becareful with it. My translations do not indicate the actual vulgarity of this word.

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This type of expression may have several meanings, depending on the situation.

One of the easiest meanings to relate to is: "What's up, man!"

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Pure Mexican slang, if you use it you better know who your friends are, and it is not acceptable here

Google it for a definition.

  • Street slang, low class way of speaking, no matter what others may say. - Agora Jul 11, 2011 flag
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I personally don't think this can be that offensive even though it is slang all right.

we do not use this expression in Spaingrin

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It can also mean "what a problem!"

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It's actually quite common for someone to say, "¿Qué pedo huero?" when telling me "what's up?" because it rhymes and really holds no offensive connotation in this sense. One rule to follow with this and most slang... would you say, "what up dude?" to your mom or boss? If the answer is yes, then use the phrase, if not, the don't use it except with friends. wink

Anyways, ask stated before, to answer your question without stating alot of excess/ needless info, very simply "¿Qué pedo wey?" is "What's up man/ dude?" smile

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Que pasa hombre?

Que pedo guey?

What's up dude?

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For asking the other person how are the things going, like "how you doing" wey means: dude or man

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