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cual es el verbo infinitivo pasado sinple y participio pasado LOL

  • Posted Jul 11, 2011
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3 Answers

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Your question is still unclear unless you are just asking for examples (¿Cuáles son...?)

If you wished a grammar definition of what is a verb infinitive, the simple past tense, and a past participle, you should use ¿Qué son...?

Some examples for the verb hablar (cuáles son....)

verb infinitive....hablar (1st conjugation AR verb)

simple past tense (or preterite) in 1st person, singular, present tense, indicative mood:


past participle....hablado

To show where those fit in the larger picture of verb conjugation see the photo below:

alt text

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Of what ? And, I think you need a comma after infinitivo.

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Cuál es el verbo infinitivo, pasado simple, y participio pasado.

Translation: What is an infinitive verb, past simple, and past participle.

I think you mean: What is the infinitive form, past simple, and past participle of a verb?

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