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What are the most commonly used irregular verbs in Spanish

  • Posted Jul 8, 2011
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Common Spanish irregular verbs

They list these as the most common:

abrir, andar, caer, cerrar, conocer, creer, dar, decir, dormir, empezar, encontrar, escoger, estoy, hacer, ir, jugar, leer, llegar, mirar, oír, olvidar, pagar, pedir, pensar, perder, poder, poner, quedar, querer, saber, sacar, salir, seguir, sentir, ser, tener, traer, valer, venir, ver, volver.

  • Some are irregular in just certain tenses, for instance creer is regular in most tenses except the preterite - 0074b507 Jul 8, 2011 flag
  • That's right. And this page I linked to, includes coded indications of what the nature of each verb's irregularities were. Nice. - pesta Jul 8, 2011 flag
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