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I am just beginning to learn Spanish. Sabadazo is a show on a Spanish language show from Mexico I want to know what it may mean... Is there a special dialect for Spanish from Mexico? I find it difficult to learn Spanish the way it is spoken here in New Mexico - is there a suggestion to help me on line find words for the Mexican speaking Spanish dialect?

  • Posted Jul 2, 2011
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"Sabado" of course means Saturday. Many times the ending "azo" or "ono" work as intensifiers and can be like adding "big" to the word. For example, the televison show might be call "Big Saturday" or "Huge Saturday" Someone called a "hablaron" is someone who talks a lot.

  • I agree, however I have never heard "hablarón," at least not in Mexico, but it´s understood. The common word is "hablador," or "chismoso" - JulianChivi Jul 2, 2011 flag
  • hablaron is a conjugation of hablar(plural for ellos, ellas) - Silvia Jul 2, 2011 flag
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I have never heard "sabazado" before, but I understood what it means immediately.

Just curious if piernuda fits this rule? Anyone?

-udo, da.

1. suf. En adjetivos derivados de sustantivos, indica abundancia, gran tamaño, o bien intensidad de lo significado por la raíz. Barbudo, carrilludo, cachazudo.

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-azo is a useful suffix that gets added onto a lot of words. Like debomoore823 said, it can mean "big" or "exciting" or "gigantic", which is what it means in this case. Sabado means Saturday, Sabadazo would mean something like "Big Saturday".

-azo can also mean to get hit with something, for some reason. Palo means stick and pala means shovel. Palazo means a blow from a stick or a shovel. Escoba means broom. Escobazo means a blow from a broom. Almohada means pillow, almohadazo means pillow fight. It's also the name of a goofy T V show.

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Maybe like important/big saturday.

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alt text

Las mañanas de los sábados nunca más serán las mismas!

Porque Omar Chaparro, Cecilia Galliano y Laura G te darán todo lo que necesitas para pasar un súper... ¡Sabadazo!

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Just curious if piernuda fits this rule? Anyone? downer

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