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Los sentimos. Te amo.

What does the above mean? smile In english please!! :D

  • I hope you don't mind my edit - remember to use proper grammar, capitalization, etc. when posting! Not only are people learning Spanish here...we also have some learning English, and we don't want to confuse them. Gracias :) Welcome to SpanishDict! - SonrisaDelSo Jun 22, 2011 flag

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It means 'I love you'.

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I love you

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te amo means I'll call you

  • I think you're thinking of "Te llamo", which means "I call you". They sound similar, don't they? :P. If you wanted to say "I'll call you", you would say, "Te llamaré". - SonrisaDelSo Jun 22, 2011 flag
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