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I know fresa means strawberry, but isnt it also a slang term? And if so what does it mean?

  • Posted Jun 18, 2011
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From the Urban Dictionary:

Fresa's are usually stuck up, have expensive clothes, cars, are usually middle high or high class, and talk different than everyone else. Like in every other country there are pseudo-fresas, those who pretend to be preppy but aren't.

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This term is used in Mexico, not sure about any other countries. We might call them Valley girls.

A fresa comes from a well off family, well educated, proper, perhaps a bit stuck up, arrogant.

The opposite of fresa is naco, which would be what we might call ghetto, lower class, from the wrong side of the tracks, etc.

Fresas are famous for using the phrase "osea". Anyway, here's a Wikipedia link:


  • They do say "o sea" a lot, but it is also commonly used among "non-fresa" people as well =) - NikkiLR Nov 3, 2011 flag
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Yes, I know that at least in Canada they call them "princess", to women (or even men) who have or think they have a lot of money and act like bourgeois.

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When living in Mexico, I have a guy come up to be and ask me if i was "fresa". I was a beginner Spanish speaker at the time and didnt learn until later what it meant. It is a Mexican slang word for stuck up or rich snob.

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Maybe it is too regional, but fresa could refer in Spain to certain parts of the body you don't really want to talk about in public. Like all slang, it has to be learnt and used in one place, not through books.

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It means "fresh" but with a ghetto twang on it, it becomes "fresha". When people say I'm fresh it means I look good, I'm clean, I have a "tight car" blah blah blah and when talking to someone else they say, "man um fresha den you" meaning, "dude, I'm more fresh than you are." My race can be embarrassing sometimes......

  • While your definition of "fresh" in English is accurate, "Fresa" and "fresh" have nothing to do with each other. - rodneyp Nov 3, 2011 flag
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Son el equivalente al pijo (preppy) en España:

pijo, ja.

1 . adj. despect. coloq. Esp. Dicho de una persona, especialmente joven: Que en su vestuario, modales, lenguaje, etc., manifiesta afectadamente gustos de una clase social adinerada. U. t. c. s.

2 . adj. despect. coloq. Esp. Considerado propio de una clase social adinerada. Colegio pijo.

3 . m. Cosa insignificante, nadería.

4 . m. malson. Miembro viril.

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