I'm trying to write a cuarteto poem and the last phraseis es mejo cuando seamen but it's 9 syllables and can only be 8 my teacher said we can change it by taking out one syllable but i don't know if the phrase is a esdrujula please help

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But since you asked.....

esdrújulo, la.

(Del it. sdrucciolo).

  1. adj. Fon. Dicho de una palabra: Que lleva el acento prosódico en la antepenúltima sílaba; p. ej., cáscara, máximo, oráculo. U. t. c. s.


verso esdrújulo

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

verso (you might want to look at this entry as it lists all kinds of verse.)

~ esdrújulo.

  1. m. El que finaliza en voz esdrújula.

[the word voz there does not seem to be an error. I see a few articles mentioning voz esdrújula, but I can't pin down the meaning.]


Aunque en ruso es voz esdrújula, en español se ha usado siempre con acentuación aguda, por lo que debe evitarse la forma esdrújula Marca de incorrección.mólotov. No varía en el plural: cócteles o bombas molotov (→ plural, 2.4).

This article may explain your question:

· La última palabra es esdrújula. Si la última palabra del verso es esdrújula, se le resta una sílaba.

You need to look at the line. I can't control the formatting. It shows how to count the syllables and subtract one if the last word is esdrújula (accent on 3rd syllable from end of word). In the example verse, arcángeles is esdrújula.

alt text

So, if I understand your question correctly you have a verse with 9 syllables, but you are only allowed to have 8 syllables. You teacher is telling you to end the line of verse with a word that is esdrújula so that you will subtract one syllable and end up with 8 syllables. Again, words are esdrújulas if the 3rd syllable from the end of the word is the one that is stressed. It will have an accent mark on it.

Now I know why poetry never interested me.

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There are no phrases that are "esdrújula" only words can be "esdrújula".

I see no word in what you wrote that is esdrújula either.

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Anyway, a very pleasant word, esdrújula. I've no idea of its real etymology, but it makes me think of a very young, playful and kind-hearted dragon. If any exist. grin

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