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Como pronunciarlas palabras correctamente,se escribe diferente a como se pronuncia.

  • Posted Jun 16, 2011
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En inglés no tienes más remedio que aprender una por una cómo pronunciar cada palabra, y con un poco de suerte, de vez en cuando acertarás si no la conoces.

In Spanish there are many things to remember, but how to read words is a task as systematic as reading a number: once you know the rules, you can read anything, no matter how weird.

Si nos dices a qué idioma te refieres nos sería más fácil ayudarte.

If you tell us what language you are referring to, it will be easier for us to help.

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Could you give some examples? I think that one of the advantages of Spanish is that most words are pronounced very much as they are written.

Are you comparing how they are pronounced in Spanish with how the letters would be pronounced in English or how differently the words are pronounced depending on where the stress is applied? ¿ceceo, seseo? ??????

¡Bienvenida al foro!

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Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

You could always type in your word in the dictionary here and click the little microphone-thing next to it. That way, you'll be able to hear how it is pronounced.

  • microphone-thing...is that a technical term? at least, it was not thing-a-ma-bob - 0074b507 Jun 16, 2011 flag
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Tienes que acostumbrarte. No hay remedio y no es difícil.

Mi mamá decía " Se escribe John, se pronuncia Yon, y el loco se llama Juan, y hay que hacerlo así, no queda otro remedio" wink

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