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What is You know what I mind? What do you mind?

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¿Sabes que me molesta? = you know what I mind?

¿Que te molesta? = What do you mind?

"what are you mind?" no tiene razon....no significa nada.

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¿Qué te pica? = What is bothering you? / What bothers you?

¿Qué tienes en mente? = What do you have in mind?

¿Qué tienes pensado? = What do you intend to do?

¿Sabes qué me molesta? = Do you know what bothers me?

I had to change it a little. I don't know what sense "what are you mind" makes, maybe you meant to say something else. If you post more of what you want to say, maybe we can help.

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You know what's on my mind. But the question is: "What's on yours?

  • As fictional character E. Cullen said, "You are hard for me to read" ha! ha . This is a great scene in "Twilight" i.e. the teen vampire drama. - bert1929 Jun 15, 2011 flag
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