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I just need to know the difference between nosotros and vosotros I can really confused with them two.

  • Posted Jun 13, 2011
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  • "I can become really confused with those two." / "I really confuse those two." - samdie Jun 13, 2011 flag

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Vosotros link text

Nosotros link text

See that 4th option up there at the top of the page called Translation?.... try itwink

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Worth noting that vosotros isn't used in South America. Although in Argentinia, they use vos in much the same way as we use you.

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Nosotros is the Spanish conjugation for "us" or "we" in English.

Vosotros is the informal (children or friends) way to say "you" (when speaking to more than one person) in Spain.

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Nosotros means we while vosotros means them all, vosotros is used only in Spain while nosotros is used in all spanish speaking countries. WHen in countries other than Spain, UDS (Ustedes) replaces Vosotros.

  • them all would be ellos, ellas vosotros is you all - 0074b507 Jun 13, 2011 flag
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Nosotros is the pronoun for "we"

eg.: Nosotros vamos al cine. (We went to the movies.)

Vosotros is the noun pertaining to "you all". It is only used in Spain, tho.

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