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Trying to figure out the lyrics to Shakira's song Rabiosa -- can anyone help...?

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Here is a link below. Rabiosa means rabid or furious. It appears to be about making their "togetherness" a little more frantic.

Phrased this way because we are a family site so give it your own interpretation.


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Rabiosa means Aggresive. "If you like it mocha (refering to her skin color), Come get a little closer and bite me en la boca(mouth or, in this case, lips),Yo soy Rabiosa (I'm assgresive)"

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I have never heard the song, so I wouldn't know... grin

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Shakira describes her self in the song as rabiosa which means 'rabid' or 'enraged', and it is obvious through the lyrics that she is feeling this way: if you like it mocha come get a little closer.

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