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This was said to a male by a female.

  • Posted Jun 5, 2011
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  • I think "sip" or even sipi" menas "yep" - it does in Bolivia. - ian-hill Jun 6, 2011 flag
  • You're correct Ian. =) - DJ_Huero Jun 6, 2011 flag

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She means that "she is very sexy or beautiful". Si, "estoy hecha un cuero". She is talking like a mexican girl. wink

  • Thanks for replying. My friend saw this text from some girl on her boyfriend's phone. We thought it meant "I'm naked" or something to that effect... - Makeupgirl19 Jun 5, 2011 flag
  • We looked up cuero in the online Spanish translator and one of the definitions was: en cuero=naked. Could she be saying that she was naked? Because he responded by saying, "hasta no ver no creer!!!" and then she said she'd send him a picture... - Makeupgirl19 Jun 5, 2011 flag
  • That is what she said. Then he said "until I see it I won't believe it" - fatchocobo Jun 5, 2011 flag
  • Thanks. That really helps. - Makeupgirl19 Jun 5, 2011 flag
  • Right, he want to see "how gorgeous is this woman". - 00a4c226 Jun 6, 2011 flag
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Just don't ever say that if you happen to be in Puerto Rico. Saying "estoy hecha un cuero" there is equal to saying "I've become a slut/whore".

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Well, looks like the lesson to be learned here, find out where she is from because she is either saying she's sexy (kind of conceited) or she's admitting she's easy (aka a whore). Jaja, both sounds like a losing situation to me, over-prideful or sleasy, not my types. tongue wink

  • "estoy hecha un cuero". In this context is a coquettish attitude rather than a whorish. - elekt786 Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • "sleazy". - Gekkosan Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • sanctimonious - elekt786 Feb 7, 2012 flag
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My Columbian mother-in-law used to call women "cuero" or "leather" when they "had been around." The implication was that they were "easy."

  • Oh I see. So in that context "Si, estoy hecha in cuero" could she be saying that she is easy or been around? - Makeupgirl19 Jun 5, 2011 flag
  • As my mother-in-law used the phrase it was an insult. Not something one would say about oneself. - JoyceM Jun 6, 2011 flag
  • Joyce, it's "Colombian". - 002067fe Jun 6, 2011 flag
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In Mexico:

Estar en cueros = to be naked.

--No puedo salir, estoy en cueros.

Estar hecho(a) un cuero = to be gorgeous. To be in a terrific shape.

--Me encanta Cameron Diaz: está hecha un cuero!

--Y qué me dices de Penélpe Cruz? También está hecha un cuero.

(Please, feel free to add your own examples).

  • También podría haber dicho "estoy hecha un mango", o "me derrito de buena". También son expresiones mexicanas. - elekt786 Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • "estoy hecha un cuero" does not imply that she is naked at all, yet it is not impossible. - elekt786 Feb 7, 2012 flag
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"estoy hecha un cuero" does not imply that she is naked at all, yet it is not impossible, at least in Mexico.

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Hmmm in Chile that phrase would mean "Yes, I am rough (like leather)"

Generally, said by a woman who has been hurt by a man, said sarcastically.

EDIT: Also,

Tener un buen cuero = to have a good body. wink

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Sip = si pe (= si pues, in Peru)

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I'll be darned!

I was not familiar with either the expression or any of the meanings assigned to it! Learn something new every day.... grin

If I'd had to guess, I'd have never thought it had anything to do with beauty! I mean, a piece of leather? Not how I'd compliment a lady, for sure...

  • 'cause you are not Latino! - elekt786 Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • Well, now - *that's* one accusation no one had ever made before! :-D So out of curiosity, how would you know? - Gekkosan Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • Quién sabe, tal vez hasta soy mexicano y todo, ¿eh? ;-) - Gekkosan Feb 7, 2012 flag
  • It seems that your observation comes from a translation rather than from a direct living experience ("vivencia"). - elekt786 Feb 8, 2012 flag
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