¿Qué es la diferencia entre perspiración y transpiración?

En inglés usamos "transpiración" in la botánica y "perspiración" para personas. ¿Hay usos particulares para cada palabra en español?

In English, transpiration is used in botany, whereas perspiration is used for humans. Are there particular usages for each word in Spanish?

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¿Qué es la diferencia entre perspiración y transpiración?

Es el conjunto de rasgos que no tienen en común

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre perspiración y transpiración?

Que transpiración es una palabra que existe y perspiración no existe.

Double -check your dictionary mate.

What dictionary would that be? I've checked the RAE, my Collins, another two academic dictionaries, included the Mexican dictionary, and it cannot be found there. However, "perspiration" appears in two dictionaries of false friends, both warning that it should be translated as transpiración, and never "perspiración".

"Transpiración" means "to sweat" or "to perspire", but in botany, transpiration.

However, since the word is a Latin formation, it would feel natural for anyone to guess that "perspiración" is a real word, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people use it (I don't).

  • Thanks Laz. The local dictionary caused me some confusion. See my post below. - NickDan Jun 5, 2011


Odd, but I thought transpiration was usually compared/contrasted with respiration, not perspiration.

transpiración R A E

transpiration English


La palabra perspiración no está en el Diccionario.

perspiration in SD=transpiración

perspiration English

It would seem that Spanish uses transpiración for both transpiration and perspiration or the correct verb for to perspire is transpirar.

However, you can find just about anything online. perspiración



The difference is that transpiración is a word and perspiración isn't.

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On this site there is an entry for Perspiración.

After having two people tell me that the word does not exist, I checked other sources, and true as bob, it does not exist!

If some note could be made to correct the local dictionary please! grin

¡Gracias a todos!

  • "Transpiración" means both "transpiration" and "perspiration". - lazarus1907 Jun 5, 2011
  • Thanks laz. - NickDan Jun 5, 2011
  • It is not the only source that lists the word. - 0074b507 Jun 5, 2011