I'm confused with an exercise I have due.

Model to follow:

El banador. Aqui lo tienes.

(What exactly does that mean^)

I am given:

El traje de bano?

And I am to answer the question according to the model.

I could really use some help, if I could figure out that question then I could do the rest quite easily.

  • Posted Jun 1, 2011
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2 Answers



What it says is:

El bañador. The bathing suit. Aquí lo tiene. Here you have it. or Here it is.

El traje de baño. - which also means The bathing suit.

Which if you followed the model would also be 'aquí lo tiene' because it also is masculine singular.

But if you had 'la malla de baño' which I believe is another way of saying bathing suit - you would have to say - 'aquí la tiene' smile

Not sure if that's what it's all about but hopefully it's of some help smile



That makes sense. I thought about it after I posted the question, and it made more sense when I read your reply. Thanks!

  • Jun 1, 2011
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